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Sống Thật Radio San Jose (established 2000):

Vietnamese Rainbow of Orange County Facebook:
More readings:
  • Blanc, M. (2005) ‘Social construction of male homosexualities in Vietnam. Some keys to understanding discrimination and implications for HIV prevention strategy.’ Oxford: UNESCO: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
  • Bùi, T. T. H., Vũ Á. T., Nguyễn V. A., and Lê H. G. (2010) Real Life, True Happiness / Hạnh Phúc là Sống Thật. Hanoi: Thời Đại Publishing House.
  • Heiman, E. M. and Cao V. L. (1975) “Transsexualism in Vietnam.” Archives of Sexual Behavior. 4(1):89-95.
  • Khuất, T. H., Le B. D., Nguyễn N. H. (2009). Sexuality in Contemporary Vietnam: Easy to Joke About But Hard to Talk About. Hanoi: Knowledge Publishing House.
  • Masequesmay, G. (2003) “Emergence of Queer Vietnamese America.” Amerasia Journal. 29 (1):117-134.
  • Newton, N. (2012) ‘A queer political economy of ‘community’: Gender, space, and the transnational politics of community for Vietnamese lesbians (les) in Saigon.” Dissertation, PhD. University of California, Irvine.
  • Nguyễn, T.T. (2007). ‘Ái nam, ái nữ [Love man, love woman].’ Documentary film. Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Nguyễn, Q.V. (1998) ‘Deviant bodies and dynamics of displacement of homoerotic desire in Vietnamese literature from and about the French colonial period.’ Online. Available:
  • Nguyễn N.H. and Ta V.T. (1987) Le Code: Law in traditional Vietnam: A comparative Sino-Vietnamese legal study with historical-juridical analysis and annotations. Athens,OH: Ohio University Press.
  • Trần, N. T. (2004) ‘Vietnamese women at the crossroads: Gender and society in early modern Đại Việt.’ Dissertation, PhD. University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Pastoetter, J. (2001) ‘Vietnam.’ International Encyclopedia of Sexuality Online. Ed. Robert Francoeur. Available:
  • Proschan, F. (2002) ‘“Syphillis, opiomania, and pederasty”: Colonial constructions of Vietnamese (and French) social diseases.’ Journal of the History of Sexuality. 11(4):610-636.

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